Tammy Johnston is the Executive Vice President of Production and General Manager for Embassy Row.  As part of the company’s executive committee, she oversees all of the company’s day to day business operations as well as production on all facets of Embassy Row projects across network, cable and digital.  In addition, as Executive Producer and Director of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ she will have delivered over 58 episodes of the series award winning content as well as its spin-off and interstitial content.

An innovative Emmy award-winning broadcast professional with over 30 years of experience on some of the largest broadcast, news and sporting events in the world, Johnston’s credits include everything from championship dog shows, Super Bowls and Olympic coverage, to presidential debates and Barak Obama’s historical election night victory speech broadcast live from Gran Park in Chicago.

Prior to joining Embassy Row, Johnston founded InTandem Productions which focused primarily on live broadcast events and included projects for many of the Discovery group of channels, ABC, FOX, Turner and several international broadcasters.

As Embassy Row’s resident daredevil, Johnston enjoys anything with speed, from skiing down the black diamonds of Colorado and Utah, to a cruise on her affectionately referred to motorbikes. Never one to back down from a challenge, she drove the fastest recorded lap during production on Embassy Row’s celebrity NASCAR racing reality series “Fast Cars and Superstars.” Her willingness to push the boundaries and get the most out of everything she does is evident in both her professional and personal endeavors.

Johnston resides in New York with her motorbikes (Roger and Steve) and her little red car.